Jobs in china

In China, many industries and projects are pursuing internationalization. This situation has prompted more jobs requiring foreigners. Whether it is part-time or full-time jobs. We have a very high success rate in arranging suitable jobs for our customers.

full-time jobs

part-time jobs


frequently Job Classification

Model Job

Foreign models will be more popular and contagious in China. Therefore, the foreign model is a well-paid job

Translation Work

Translation requires a certain language foundation. In China, Chinese and English are the two main languages.

International Trade

in all kinds of foreign-related enterprises and institutions engaged in primary financial work and business management

Teaching Jobs

The vast majority of foreigers working in China are teaching English. It’s a boom industry . Qualified teachers can take their pick of high paying jobs.

Job Details

Teaching Jobs


If you want the high salay,Must be an English native speaker!


All over China


from 8000RMB to 30000RMB(per month)

Contracts Age

one year+

Corresponding Services

Our corresponding services in the field of work are designed to make it easier for foreign customers to find jobs. We will take into account the problems that foreigners encounter in finding jobs in China in many ways, and provide a lot of services for them.

Air ticket subsidy

If you will come to China through us to find a job, we will provide airfare subsidy according to the situation.

Trip arrangement

When you have difficulty in traveling in China, you can find us to arrange for you.

Free information

We will provide our customers with periodic work information free of charge.

Free accommodation

When you succeed in finding a job through us, we will provide you with free accommodation.

Free consultation

If you encounter difficulties in studying, working and living in China, you can call us and we will offer you free solutions and help.

Customers reviews

For me to be a teacher to teach children is a big pleasure, I want to thanks a company CHINAWEGO give me a chance to teach in China with a working visa, good accommodation good environment and professional staffs , so I trust so much this company if u hundreds of times want come to China its not to late.
Ana Gogshelidze
It is very difficult to find a good apartment when I came in China, because I don’t know how to do it, But CHINAWEGO help me everything, and they provided me with nice apartment which included everything that is necessary for me. Thank You CHINAWEGO, I think is seriously you can trust me, yeah.
Sergei Frolikov
When I was coming here I was so afraid, when I arrive the airport , what I can do , I don’t know even a single one. But when I reached here, so I relax. CHINAWEGO are so helping. They help me a lot, they polite a lot, and beginning the picking in the air port : ordering taxi, they cooperated me a lot, they make my journey so comfortable, and they are so cheer, and they are so polite, really and I want say again thanks, thanks to CHINAWEGO.
Mehar Iqbal