How do foreigners set up bank accounts in China?

When using mobile phones as "wallets", we usually use WeChat and Alipay. To use these software normally, we need to bind bank cards.

In recent years, as more and more foreigners work and settle in China, in the process of integration into Chinese life, many foreigners feel very convenient to the living conditions of Chinese people who “regard mobile phones as their wallets”. However, the daily life of foreigners in China is full of “Chinese-style payment” methods-WeChat and Alipay. These payment methods all have one common characteristic: a bank card that opens an account in China needs to be bound. Then the question arises.

Can foreigners apply for bank cards in China?

How to handle bank cards?

What information do you need to prepare?

What do you need to pay attention to?

Next, please look at the news and current situation we have received, hoping to help you.

Required information for opening an account


A valid passport is valid within its validity period.


Certificate of work must contain information such as foreigner's name, position, etc.


The validity period of the copy of aliens'residence permit/aliens' permanent residence permit shall be more than one year and more than one month from the expiration date.

Taking Bank of China as an example, the materials needed by foreigners to apply for opening accounts are as follows:


All foreigners, Hong Kong, Macao and Taiwan compatriots, who are between 18 and 65 years of age, Chinese citizens with full civil capacity, legal and stable income, and foreigners with right of abode in China, can apply for Bank of China credit cards locally.


The applicant still needs to fill in an application form for personal account opening and comprehensive services and a declaration of personal tax resident identity when all the necessary information is available.

The procedure for foreigners to apply for ICBC card is simpler.


A foreigner may open an individual account with a valid passport in a domestic bank without any limitation on the amount of money.


After the necessary materials for opening an account have been brought together, it is only necessary to fill in a further registration form of personal customer information.


Card Processing Fees Five Yuan Annual Fee 10 Yuan/year


Applicants should provide their phone numbers in their names for receiving bank messages and verifying their use.After the foreigners have filled out these forms, the bank can sit and wait for the successful opening of the account.