Provide one-stop services for foreigners, such as travel, tourism, accommodation, etc.


We specialize in helping foreign applicants get visas faster. We have had cooperation experience with various embassies and can help customers apply for visas as soon as possible.


there are three kinds of pick - up services, one is commercial, one is private and one is school. CHINAWEGO are commercial pick-up, on call and can book in advance.


For foreign tenants, CHINAWEGO will screen rental information such as full rent, room insert, shared rent, daily rent, family hotel, apartment, etc., and help them find the most ideal place to live according to their specific needs and requirements.


  • Pre-Move Preparation
  • Lease Negotiation & Sign contract
  • Providing Suggestions & Recommendation for Property
  • General Maintenance/Small Repairs/Key Holding Servises
  • Furniture & Electrical Appliance Purchasing
  • Free Registration for Your Property
  • Customer Servises for Buy & Sell Problems
  • Contracting Renew & Termination & Departure Program


We have large-scale housing data, and carefully screen them based on extensive collection of information according to the needs and requirements of the tenants, so as to finally select the best living place for the tenants.


Our company signs formal contracts and goes through formal procedures.

All the houses we provide have been tested for safety.


The house provided is fully equipped,well ventilated and well lit


China is a prosperous, open and free country.People’s quality of life is among the best in the world. China not only has a beautiful and quiet natural environment, but also thousands of local special delicacies. In China, foreigners are very popular and loved by the Chinese. CHINAWEGO are willing to provide various guide services for foreigners.