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Our company aims to help foreigners receive the best education in engineering, science, medicine, MBA and other fields in the most cost-effective way. To help foreigners find jobs in science, engineering, education and other fields in China with our rich experience. As well as helping foreigners who come to China to live,

play, work and study more easily.Our aim is to let foreigners come to China to live better than before. We tried to be Meaningful, valuable to the society. Wuhan CHINAWEGO International Services Co., Ltd. stressed the ideal of “exploring China together”. 

Core values

China is an open, free and affluent country, as well as an international friendly country. Chinese people are very enthusiastic about foreigners. 

So we believe that foreigners can have a better life in China.Our goal is to let foreigners come to China to live better than before.  Wuhan ChinaWeGo International Service Co., Ltd. emphasizes the ideal of 

Exploring China Together


      In the 2019 GuangGu Innovation and Entrepreneurship Summit and 〝Qingtong〞 Meeting(1). With its novel and mature and feasible service model and concept for foreigners, Wuhan ChinaWeGo International Services Co., Ltd stands out from thousands of companies and won the “Glorious Valley Star Award 2018″(2). The “Most Valuable Investment Award”(3) won in the same period.




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East College of Wuhan University of Technology, Wuhan, Hubei, Building 9, 203(China)

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