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Part-time  job|Dance teacher & Englisch teacher

Long Term Part-time  job
【Location】: Hankou district, Wuhan city, Hubei province
【Kindergarten/Training center】: Dance training institution
【Position】: one Latin dance teacher & one English teacher
【students】:age between3-12 years, less than 10 one class
【Start date】: 1st, Sep
【Salary】: 200yuan/h, twice a week, one hour in the weekday night, one hour in the weekends day time
【Work experience】: Good image and temperament,cause its art training center, also good teaching experience (cause there is no material, you need to prepare yourself)

and this things need for applying a working visa
1.bachelor’s degree verified by china’s embassy
2.non criminal record verified by china’s embassy
3.after bachelor degree with two years working experience which should be related to the working visa realted positions like teaching r&d, teaching management this kind of (need a Letter of Reference from your ex-employer)

Full time job|Shenyang City in China|High salary

Full time job
teaching in ShenYang city of Liaoning province~no office hours

-It is for an English Training Center
-Students: 3-10 years old, 3-7 students in a group
-Schedule: Wednesday to Sunday, 25 working hours per week, no office hours

1. Flight reimbursement RMB 5000 at contract end
2. Provide the accident insurance
3. 10 days paid sick leave per year
4. Salary: 14,000-20,000/month, after tax

1. Start in August
2. Non-native speakers accept also
3. Bachelor degree or above
4. Have all documents for working visa

Location: Shenyang City, Liaoning province, China

Part-time  job English teacher|Hubei province|Only 1 month,ASAP

1 Month Part-time  job
【Position】: English teacher
【Location】: Huangshi city, Hubei province
【Kindergarten/Training school】: training school
【Start date】: ASAP
【Salary】: 4.5k (only need one month)
【Apartment】: Free apartment
【Hours of work】: From Wed to Sun, 9:00am-12:00pm(every week two days of -its Monday &Tuesday)
【Age group】: 4-8 years
【Class size】: Around 20students
【Work experience】: good teaching experience and good pronunciation

Full time job|wuhan city|teaching for 3-6 years old children

Full time job
【Location】: Wuchang district, Wuhan city, Hubei province
【Kindergarten/Training school】: High-end international kindergarten,already has 7 foreign teachers, now 2 more foreign teachers are needed
【Position】: English teacher
【Start date】: 30th August
【Salary】: 12K(after tax)
【Hours of work】: Mon to Fri, 8:00am-5:00pm(2 hours break), no more than 25 teaching hours per week
【Age group】: 3-6 years
【Class size】: Around 15 students

【Work experience】: More than 2 years of teaching experience, good pronunciation
【Visa】: work visa

【Apartment】: Free apartment
【working meal】: Free breakfast and lunch
【Flight allowance】: RMB 5000 per year when finish one year contract
【Holidays pay】: Given 11 public holidays
【visa】: Work permit sponsored

Full time job|Wuhan city|Italian teacher(Mother tongue italian)

Looking for Italian teacher in Wuhan
Full-time job
【Position】:Italian Teacher
【Nationality】Italy/Mother tongue italian
【Location】: Wuchang district, Wuhan city
【Kindergarten/Training school】: training school
【Qualifications】:1.bachelor degree or above in: oriental language and literature/Chinese/translation
【Starting Time】: Asap
【Working time】: Monday to Friday
【Students age group】: 18 years old around,less than 10 students one class
【Salary】: 7-12k/month (according to qualifications/monthly class hours)
【Benefit】: 1.Reimbursement of flight tickets 10,000 yuan for two visits to the family holiday each year;
2. During the Spring Festival every year one month of paid vacation;
3. If the annual performance is up to standard, in addition to one month of paid vacation, salary of 13 months – 15 months (according to the current year’s assessment criteria) will be issued as the annual bonus.

Full time job|Changchun city,Jilin province,High salary

Full time job
【Location】: Changchun city, Jilin province
【Kindergarten/Training school】: Primary and secondary schools
【Position】: English teacher
【Start date】: ASAP
【Salary】: 18K-25k(after tax)
【Hours of work】: Mon to Fri, 8:00am-4:00pm, no more than 25 teaching hours per week
【Age group】: 7-15 years old
【Class size】: Around 20 students

【native or not】: Only native speakers, pronunciation must be good
【Work experience】: More than 2 years of teaching experience
【Visa】: work visa

【Apartment】: Free apartment
【Flight allowance】: Yes
【visa】: Work permit sponsored